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The first page you see when you login is the Projects dashboard. This page displays the list of projects that you have created or have been invited to.

Project Dashboard

By clicking the + button on the right hand side you can create a new project. When you click the + button you are presented with a form to enter the project details.

  • Title represents the title/name of the project and this field is mandatory.
  • Description field is optional and in this you can fill a short summary of what the project is about.
  • Project Type: you have several options to choose from this (Movie, TV etc.). When you select TV and Web Series you get the option to add Season and Episode details for each of the screenplays within the project. This field is also mandatory.

Project Form

After entering the details and clicking the Save button you are redirected to the project dashboard where you can see the tile/card of the new project you have created.

Projects and Teams

When you create a project a team is also automatically created for the project. You can add other team members to this project/team later.

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Please Note

This feature is currently inactive

Projects that have been abandoned

Inside a Project

A project has three sections

  • Screenplays: This displays the screenplays created by you or anyone else involved in the project.
  • Characters: Characters that are part of the project. Characters are managed at a project level so that they can be used in several screenplays.
  • Locations: The different locations that can be associated with scenes. Similar to characters locations are also managed at a project level so that they can be used in several screenplays.

Inside Project

The plus icons on the right of all these sections let you create additional screenplays, characters or locations.