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Thank you for choosing to explore Plaatu. We hope that you find this app useful in your content creation process.

What is plaatu all about?

This app was conceived by fellow content creators who were strugging to execute a screenplay in an organized manner. One can plan as much as possible but with paper screenplays keeping track of what has been executed is a nightmare. This results in one realizing at the time of editing that some bits were not shot at all.

Apps that are currently available are super expensive word editors. There are apps that handle a full video production but they are also super expensive. What we inteded to achieve with Plaatu was to have an app that...

  • Is affordable. Though currently we haven't mentioned the pricing, at a future date when the app gets a full release there will be plans that are much more affordable than the existing ones.
  • Makes the best use of currently available technologies. Plain text documents, 90's/retro desktop app interfaces, no option to share your work with others... so on and so forth. There are many things plaguing the current content creation tech ecosystem. We intend to incorporate intuitive and cool features that are available and evolving on the web into plaatu so that the boring aspects like planning and generating reports become a pleasant experience.
  • Helps in planning the content creation process and executing it. Treating the en## Till when tire process as a project and keeping track of its status is the crucial aspect of the app. We intend to make Plaatu a powerful app that aids a team througout the entire content creation process.

What Plaatu is not?

Though the entire process starts with a screenplay, Plaatu is not meant to be only for writing a screenplay. In fact, the extremely structured process of creating a screenplay in Plaatu is to ensure that the planning process becomes easier when it is complete. In future, there will be features to import screenplays from other established apps/software so don't worry if you are a writer who prefers writing screenplays in free form.

With the pre-alpha version we only have the screenplay writing feature. The additional features will get added as and when new versions are released.

What does Plaatu mean?

The word 'Plot' is written as ప్లాటు (Plaatu) in Telugu. The logo is stylized ప్లాటు.